LORAC Beauty and the Beast Collection Lipstick Review

This lipstick collection retails for $36 for 0.55 oz. or 0.11 oz. each lipstick. You can get a set of five lipsticks from Urban Decay (Little Vices Lipstick Kit) for $25 but you only get 0.15 oz. total or 0.03 oz. per lipstick. So, I think as a price point its a little on the higher end but you are also getting quite a bit of product compared to other brands sets of lipsticks. When I opened the packaging I saw this:

I was slightly underwhelmed, I mean I definitely think the lipsticks themselves have amazing packaging but the box they came in wasn’t very exciting is a way to put it. It was a little bland and I guess I was expecting something else out of it. However like I said the lipsticks themselves were very luxurious looking and very pretty and fitting to the theme. This is a close up of the lipsticks themselves:



I really like how the colors can be seen through the bottom half of the lipsticks themselves, I like being able to see the colors so I know which one I’m grabbing without having to check underneath the lipstick. It is kind of hard to see in the picture but if you look closely you can see when you swivel the lipsticks up to reveal the product, one side says LORAC and the other says Beauty and the Beast. The names of these are also very fitting, they are True Beauty, Red Rose, Belle-ieve, Tres Chic, and Savoir Faire. I wasn’t quite sure what savoir faire meant so I of course had to look up the definition and it means the ability to act or speak in social situations which is somewhat appropriate. I feel like Belle was more the quiet to herself kind of princess unless she was protecting her father so I guess it seems fitting. They are unique names and most are unique to the theme. So I swatched the colors and this is how they turned out:


I found that they were all very pigmented except for true beauty. I had a hard time trying to get that one to show. I don’t know if it’s because of my skin tone or what it was but it was definitely more difficult to get the color to show with that lipstick. Minus that one, I do really like the colors. Personally for me I don’t think Red Rose would really look that great on me but I will give it a test and see how it looks with my skin tone. All the other colors I could see myself using besides that one which is something I am happy about because I really love the Beauty and the Beast movie so it is just a double bonus for me to get the lipstick set and have colors I will wear on a daily! The lipsticks also had a nice sweet smell which I really enjoyed, it was like a sweet vanilla smell which I personally love and its fitting with the holidays coming up, its like sweet cookies!!


PROS: Beautiful colors, good pigmentation on four of them, great packaging for lipsticks, matches well with the eyeshadow palette, high quality formula

CONS: box lipsticks came in isn’t anything eye catching, price is a little high if you wouldn’t use the colors, low pigmentation on the color True Beauty

WOULD I RECOMMEND: For the price point I would say you could get these colors in a different set for a better price but if you love Beauty and the Beast like me then I definitely think they are worth the purchase!




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