LORAC Beauty and the Beast Collection Cheek Palette

If you read the eyeshadow palette review from this collection you will see the box that this item was shipped in (it was just a plain brown box). This item retails for $28 and it contains 0.60 oz. of product. Comparatively, you can get a six color Sephora blush palette for $28 and get 0.852 oz. of product. Or you could get a three color Smashbox blush palette at $35 for 0.5 oz. of product. With both of those in mind, I would say price wise this is a good buy. The box this palette came in was silver with a very reflective covering:

I like the reflective look because it gives the illusion of luxury to me and it gives an elegant look to it which is why I liked that Lorac chose this look because Belle in Beauty in the Beast is very graceful and elegant in her mannerisms. This casing is fitting for the collection because of that. The one thing I will say is that because the lettering is a very faint gold color, it is hard to read what is on the back. Also I believe it is hard to read because of the reflective casing this box was coated in. The colors are (from top to bottom) See Beyond, Fearless, Enchanted, and Rose. I love the color names that were chosen for this cheek palette, I think that they are very fitting for the collection! Then inside the box, the packaging for the cheek palette is very intricate:

I like the complex gold design that is covering the entire package, it brings the word enchanted to my head for some reason and again its really fitting to the collection. However, if the Beauty and the Beast wording were not on the package it would be hard to tell this was a part of the collection because there are no distinctive markings indicating so. The packaging was also quite “heavy,” I assumed the palette would be a lot lighter than what it actually was, that was a surprise to me. Then inside the palette looked like this:


I love how the clear plastic protective film had roses designed for each cheek color. The wording on the mirror reads fearless which I do believe Belle was extremely fearless but the feathers I wouldn’t say are very relevant to Beauty and the Beast. This however is just my personal opinion on the feather designs, don’t get me wrong I love how it looks but it doesn’t necessarily scream “Beauty and the Beast” like I would’ve liked it to. The colors however were very enchanting! The top color and Enchanted felt very velvety to the touch and went on my skin very smoothly which I personally love because it tells me they are easy to work with and they are made from a high quality formula. The shades Fearless and Rose were not velvety smooth because they both have shimmer added to both of them. From the picture it is hard to tell that Rose has and shimmer but I would say that’s because it is a little more faint than the shimmer in fearless. I took some swatches of all the colors and got this result:


The colors were quite faint and not extremely pigmented which is how I personally like my blushes to be because you don’t want a huge patch of color on your cheeks that doesn’t really look quire right. I personally go for the less pigmented blushes because you can build them up and the accidental glop doesn’t happen. You can really see the glitter a little better in these swatches!


PROS: Good amount of product, beautiful colors, high quality formula, easy to work with, shade names very unique and relevant

CONS: packaging somewhat irrelevant, not travel friendly, lower pigmentation

WOULD I RECOMMEND? : For the price, this is a good amount of blush product and I personally would recommend because of the beauty of the colors and because how easy it is to work with! So I would say yes I do recommend this palette. I would love to hear your thoughts if any of you have tried this cheek palette let me know in the comments below or if anyone has any questions feel free to ask below!


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