Lorac Beauty and the Beast PRO Eye Shadow Palette Review

I received this beauty as part of a collection in the mail today and I can’t wait to review it and test it out! I have had my eye on this collection for a while and finally black Friday they had a massive sale at the loraccosmetics.com website and it was finally my chance to get a hold of this beautiful collection. The only piece of the collection I didn’t purchase was the glosses but I did purchase the eyeshadow palette, the lipsticks, and the blush palette. So I received the package to my front door via USPS and this is the box it came in:


I was so excited to open it up and see what was inside, I was waiting for this collection for what seemed like forever! So this review is focused on the eyeshadow palette that is a part of the collection. I will post pictures of the packaging below:

To start with the front, I really love the colors chosen and the packaging is extremely reflective but more “fuzzy” if that makes sense. If you look in the bottom near where it says “AND THE BEAST,” there is a fuzzy reflection of my phone there which I personally love on this packaging it makes it feel very luxurious. The back also had that sort of fuzzy reflective look if any of you know the correct wording for what I’m talking about please feel free to post it below! (Frosted was the word I was thinking of, took me a minute there)  The gold clamp to hold the palette shut is a beautiful complimentary color to the red on flower on the packaging and I do really like how the colors are shown on the back of the palette. Especially for people purchasing this in the store, it is nice to see a better idea of the colors you’re buying without having to open the actual package. One thing I noticed right away about the package was it was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be, and when I opened it up… I fell in love! The details in the writing, the artistic designs for the mirror and lettering, the names for the colors, and the colors all blew me away. I will post what I’m talking about below:


The mirror is what especially stood out to me when I opened the palette up, it gives you that full Beauty and the Beast feel that I was really wanting from this palette. I also included a close up of the color names and a closer shot of the colors themselves after I had swatched them. Almost all of the colors felt very velvety and almost buttery to the touch except the ones that had a lot glitter or sparkle in them were a little more “rough” I guess you could say but you could tell it was because of the glitter and not in the actual formula. The feel of these were absolutely dream-like I love the formula and the color turnout. The one thing I will say about the lettering, although it is very beautiful it was hard for me to read because of how reflective it was and how light the lettering is compared to the palettes silver. These were the best photos I could get of the lettering without zooming in all the way but I feel it is slightly easier to read in person than in a photo. One thing i’d also like to mention is the dual ended brush that is included in the palette. The brush doesn’t feel cheap by any means, in fact it actually felt very sturdy and well made, the only thing I will say about it is that it was slightly harder to work with. It’s perfect for placing eyeshadow on your eye but its’ not the best brush for blending out. I will give it one more go and see how it works and I will update. I did get the swatches as well from this palette and this is what I got off of one go around in each pan:


The shadows were extremely easy to work with and they felt very buttery and velvety smooth. The colors with the glitter were slightly less buttery but they were very pretty colors when swatched. The glitter wasn’t a bam in your face kind of glitter, it was more of like a settle “glow” added to the eyeshadow. For one go-around in the pan, the colors are very pigmented and easy to work with. I didn’t have really any difficulty blending out the colors.


PROS: High pigmentation, colors blend well together, Beautifully designed, good quality formula, beautiful colors,  unique and intriguing color names, well done .beauty and the beast theme.

CONS: Shimmer shades not very shimmery, not travel friendly.

RECOMMEND?: Yes I would definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette!





4 thoughts on “Lorac Beauty and the Beast PRO Eye Shadow Palette Review

  1. Yes I definitely agree I just looked up the Alice in Wonderland palette and it is GORGEOUS!! My god, they did an amazing job on it! I’m trying to get a hold of them to try and purchase it so I can review it but we will see what happens (fingers crossed). Their site keeps crashing on me 😦


  2. To be honest, the package and shade selection isn’t as out there as I thought it would be. They could’ve done so much with this theme but decided to just hand out a box with a 2D rose and a nice mirror. They could’ve done so much better for the price point and the recognition of the title itself (Disney film classic). I.e. The Alice in wonderland packaging collection UD did!


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    1. I do have to agree about the color selection, sadly there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from when it came to color but altogether I thought the formula used for the shadows was stellar and they all blended out very easily 🙂 Thank you for you feedback, I love seeing what everyone else has to say about different products! And I will definitely have to see check out the Alice in Wonderland packaging collection, that sounds amazing!!!

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      1. Yes their formula is one of the great ones out there so I’ve heard, which is another reason why I would’ve thought they would do amazing with their packaging as well!

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