Marc Jacobs Black Gel Liner Review


The full name on the Marc Jacobs website is the Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in the color Blacquer 42 and I included a picture of my personal sample size that I was testing above. Below I included a screenshot of the product on Marc Jacobs’ website:

So as you can see this gel eyeliner retails for 25 US dollars and that includes 0.5g of product or 0.17oz of product. Half a gram or product isn’t the most you could get from a gel liner but it isn’t the least either it falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to amount of product. After further research I found that this loner comes in three different finishes which is amazing! There is a Matte, a shimmer, and a satin finish each with their own set of colors. Instead of typing out each shade and posting pictures of each I took an excerpt from the Sephora website of all the different colors for each finish and included it below. I personally used the matte finish. Although the Matte finish can be more drying I finish it to be the most long lasting out of the different finishes.


Upon opening the gel liner there didn’t appear to be any prominent smells or odors. It was actually pretty odorless which I personally like. I decided to take a swatch of the liner on my hand and I will include that below. When I used the eyeliner it really did glide on and it did definitely dry to a matte finish but I found that because it was a twist up liner, it wasn’t very sharp or pointed. The only problem I have with that is it makes it difficult to do a winged liner or to do thinner liner on your eyes. It can be smudged to create a Smokey Eye effect but you need to smudge pretty quickly after applying because once the liner dries it’s DRY. There is no smudging or moving that liner after it’s on and dry. This is something I personally like because I don’t want my liner slipping and sliding everywhere. I used this liner thanksgiving and it didn’t move a smidge which I was in love with. If you are someone who loves matte eyeliners then you will find the color turn out on this liner to be amazing!! It is all matte no shimmer whatsoever and the color is pretty pigmented I’d say you need a couple run throughs on your eye to get black as night black but with one go the color payout is nice! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a long lasting matte black liner. The price is a little on the high side for the amount of product you are getting but I’d say for this one it is definitely worth it!


PROS: long lasting, matte, able to smudge quickly after application, glides on smoothly, smudge proof after dry, works well on water line.

CONS: price, amount of product compared to price, hard to get a sharp point so difficult for thin liner or cat eye, and need more than one application to get high pigmentation.

I would recommend this product 👌


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