Beauty Gems Under The Stars Palette Review

When I went to Ulta for Black Friday shopping this piece caught my eye the packaging was beautiful and the colors on the box looked amazing and the best part was it was only 7.99 US dollars!! I was amazed so of course I threw it in my bag with all my other items and continued through checkout excited to get home and see what I had just bought and of course to try it out. So upon opening the box I find this:

So I see the back and front and honestly it’s not too bad it’s made out of plastic and the clamp holds pretty strong I had to use my nails to open but that might just be me. The back shows all the colors and I was slightly underwhelmed by the names which are E1 through E15 and underneath it clarifies that E is for eyeshadow. With how vibrant and glittery the colors looked I was hoping for better names but that’s honestly not a dealbreaker. So I decide to open it up and see what’s inside and I see this:

The colors looked as beautiful as they did on the box so of course I’m thinking this is a great deal I only paid $7.99!! After swatching each of the colors I saw this:

In order to get the pigmentation above I had to circle my finger in the pot about four times for each one. The colors are very pretty but the pigmentation is not great. The colors are definitely buildable which is helpful but off a first swatch the colors aren’t very pigmented at all and some are more pigmented than others. It can be hard to get the colors to show, i did notice the brighter colors seemed to show up a little better like the bright blues and the orange.


PROS: Price, amount of product, buildable, packaging

CONS: low pigmentation, uncreative eyeshadow names

Based on the price I would recommend this product but if you’re looking for high pigmentation I would skip out on this one.

Also, look out for a look only using this palette, coming soon!!



5 thoughts on “Beauty Gems Under The Stars Palette Review

  1. I was almost buying it as I really loved the look of the shadows. I am so glad you had the swatches up on the blog.
    This is the first time, I am visiting your blog. I would like to invite you to check my blog as well.
    I am following you on Insta 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I am glad this was helpful for you!! My Instagram was hacked into not too long ago so I had to start a new one, I hope you will check it out soon and I love your blog, I enjoy reading your posts 🙂


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